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Happy New Year!💝

Year 2021.May there be more healings than sicknesses.More lives than deaths.Peace to the world.May God bless and prosper us and keep us safe 🙏

Become A Part Of My New Project!

Hello everyone!!! I have been away for so long and I can not begin to imagine how much I've missed, nor be able to explain how much I've missed being here and sharing my writings with you, let alone be able to express how much it means for me to be here right now, and …

Strive For The One You’d Stay In Love With

Weddings happen on daily basis, so do divorces, which is even better than the brutality in some homes. Happy old couples with many wedding anniversaries, living together through births and deaths, child dedications and funerals, success and failures, enjoying their similarities and respecting their difference. Those are the ones that makes me want to fall …