A picture isn’t taken for the moment, but for moments that are yet to come.

The moment is here already, and everyone is in it, who needs a picture to enjoy it now? But still we take pictures all the time, in our beautiful moments, fun times, romantic moments, even our tragic times.

This season I want you to look at pictures from your past, the ones you’re in and the ones you’re not, your family and friendships and relationships albums.
I don’t need to ask you to reflect on these images, because once you’re on each, memories come back. This is the moments pictures are taken for; “the after-moments”

Now in these pictures I bet you’d find people to mourn over their memories, people to smile just thinking about them, people you frown just looking at their faces, people you’d vow never to forgive for something they had done.

However, this is the part I want to focus on. Please try and have a rethink over some issues, and remember your good times with someone you need to forgive, try and forgive someone this season, I’m not asking you to dine and wine with someone you know clearly you shouldn’t be dining with. But I’m asking you to forgive them.

I also want you to take a picture or even lots of pictures these Christmas.

Get into that family photo, take pictures with your friends, take pictures, even with strangers, take pictures with places, just take pictures!

And I assure you, the moments they will become memories, sweet or bitter, will come.

Merry Christmas once more!

Me with my hostel mate’s niece last Saturday.

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