Writer’s Block

So I have been facing writer’s block. I know I need to create a post, but I feel I haven’t gotten the inspiration that I need. The funny thing that makes the situation complicated is that I also feel there are a lot of things that had happened that I could write about, but it still feels as if I am unable to put a finger to any.

This is a very depressing state, believe me. It is a temporary thing, I know, but it scares the shit out of my butt. I fear for my writing career like what if this turns out to be the end of it?

I mean I’m not tired yet. I feel I still have so much to give to the world through my blog, and I’ve just started and haven’t even gotten half way through, so it’s scary to stop now. I’d be disappointed in myself.

Then I remembered a post I read once about writer’s block and I commented on it suggesting that one other way to write when you don’t know what to write is to write about how that feels.

And then my mind was like why don’t I take my advice that possibly might have helped someone else and write about this problem?
So here I am.

So please, words of advice is needed here now. And reasonable suggestions on the topics I could write about would be very much appreciated.

PS: Happy new year!

8 Replies to “Writer’s Block”

  1. The best idea I heard was when we are facing writer’s block we need to increase our input. Read books, listen to podcasts, etc. And the more you take in the more ideas you will get to send out. πŸ˜‰

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