How I started My 2020

At the beginning of this January, I lost someone. One of the people that I envision in my mind when thanking God for the lives of my families and friends.

It’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to write anything, because it’s there in my mind to write about, but I didn’t want to write about it, and it’s seems as if I can’t get to the beginning of another article with this one on my chest.

When I got to my maternal village on the 29th of December last year, she was there, I hugged her and wished her a merry christmas.

Before I had gone home, she had been calling, wanting to know when I’d be coming. She does that every Christmas.

When I had visited my maternal home after our return from the hospital in August, and it was time for me to go back, she asked me when next they would see me and I said Christmas. She said, “Christmas?! That’s too long.” I reminded her it was just in a few months time.

Now I won’t regret not going again until Christmas, I’m rather grateful I had met her alive when I had gone home again for Christmas.

She was a little sick. I went to the hospital with her that day without even getting to change my clothes. We returned late at night that same day. She was taken to the hospital again the next day. This time I decided to stay home and do the cooking and whatever else I could do at home.

She died on the 2nd of this month. She was my uncle’s wife. We were close as we could be, had been close from the very first day she was married into our family. She left two little kids behind; a girl and a boy.

On the day of her burial, when everyone else was crying, including the strangers, her eight years old little boy said, “Everyone’s gonna die someday.” And when his cousin said, “Yes, but the thing is to live long before dying.”
He replied, “What about those that died at 25?”

Now, I don’t know if that was all him or he heard such from an adult, although I know he’s a wise little boy, but right there is the lesson: We all die. And shouldn’t regret or question death, but rather appreciate and cherish the memories of a life passed on.

I pray and hope she rests in peace. And that her kids live long and grow in the right paths.

My cousins

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