My Thoughts Are With The Sick Today

I started writing something for my readers about cancer on world cancer day, and then I stopped. My reason for not been able to complete the article is unreasonable, and unimportant right now.

But it’s okay, because I am determined to not only complete putting down my intended words from the days past but to remember every sick person out there suffering from whatever illness this morning.

I may not know the name of all the diseases and sicknesses, but I do know that each and every one of them weakens the body and soul of God’s creatures. Human and animals, and even trees, and flowers, and so on.

So today I am not concerned about the name of the one you might be suffering from, I rather am concerned about your freedom from your bondage. I want to do what we as a family could do to help you live through your own life struggles.

How does it affect you? Does it not only try to keep you down physically but also psychologically? Does it not only try to pull your soul down but your spirit too? Does it not only break your heart but tries to blackout your mind too? Does it not only stop you from working but tries to destroy your dreams, and the faith and hope you have in achieving them? What are you going through?

You don’t have to tell us here, you know it in your body and mind, all I need you to do is believe that someone is sincerely thinking about you right now, because I am.

I am concerned about your situation, I may not have the finance to support you, nor the power to relief you of your pains, but I will tell you this: If there ever comes any bright days through your illness, I want you to use it to take a step closer toward achieving your life goals, shame the devil.

A lot of people have died already this year, we all will go, one day or another, healthy or not, what matters as far as I am concerned is not how long you exited, but how well you struggled through each day, fighting to conquer your demons and to get through to your dreams. That is the best way to live.

May the eyes of the Lord be on you through your struggles, and throughout the days of your life.
And may he give you the strength to work towards achieving your life goals despite your struggles.

May you be able to live well no matter how long you have left to live.

My thoughts are with all of you, from the dept of my heart.

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