Strive For The One You’d Stay In Love With

Weddings happen on daily basis, so do divorces, which is even better than the brutality in some homes. Happy old couples with many wedding anniversaries, living together through births and deaths, child dedications and funerals, success and failures, enjoying their similarities and respecting their difference. Those are the ones that makes me want to fall …


Where is home? For me, I grew up in my maternal hometown in a small house with my mom and dad. It had been a great and joyous home for me that I didn't actually notice how small it was while growing up in it, until after my mom's death, and I left for secondary …


They are those ones that'd be there at the end of the day. Choose your family first.


My uncle sees anyone on the phone as less busy, and somewhat irresponsible! I visited his family about two weeks ago, and as usual, he wouldn't want to see me pressing a phone, he supposed I should rather be "busy".I had used a fleeting moment to say, "Actually, I'm trying to work here" waving my …

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