Life Is Worth Living

What is the value of existing for a hundred years without getting to live?

Death definitely puts an end to our existence, but would it matter when you’re gone?

What are you living for? What do you wanna live for? What are you living for? Why aren’t you doing it already? Who told you tomorrow is waiting? Who says you can’t get over yesterday?

Don’t give up because no one seems to believe in you, when you don’t even seem to believe in yourself. You gotta show the world, give them a reason to believe in you, you should believe in yourself because you already got that reason within.

I don’t watch basketball, so I don’t know Kobe Bryant until yesterday. Seeing him on every news on my Facebook news feed alongside his daughter with the news of their death, apparently among other people since it was an helicopter crash, is absolutely heartbreaking.

It makes me ask myself questions: What is life if I’m not living my dreams? What am I living for if not building my legacy?

Life is worth living.
Life is scary, gives us a shake and a fright against all the great things we could achieve. Well that’s because we’re alive and could feel.

If you give in to the fear and give up, when death comes, and then everything is so peaceful, but then you wouldn’t be able to do a thing, because you’ve got no feelings anymore. No energy, no dreams, no life, and most importantly, no fears.

Have you ever considered the fact that fear might not be as terrible as we take it to be? We might be getting it all wrong. Fear should mean you’re doing something huge, something probably no one else could do, something important. It’s our weaknesses and doubtfulness that makes us step back and give in to our fears.

Why don’t we look at those scary dreams and be like, “Since I’m afraid, that means this is a big deal, I’m gonna do what I know I can do and when I overcome this fear, then it will turn into a pleasant surprise for those who don’t believe”?

Kobe Bryant lived his life. All the great people I know are calling him a legend and praying for his soul.

We all might not live as Kobe had. But are we ready to be what we know we could be?

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